SerpApi Changelog: April, 2023

SerpApi Changelog: April, 2023

Summary of April Updates

A sum-up of SerpApi's latest product improvements, and feature releases ๐Ÿ™‚

Features - [Feature] Accounts API: now has a monthly subscription cost - [Feature] Google Shopping API: support "Stores Near You" Block - [Feature] Bing Search API: support Coupon results

Parser Updates - Yahoo: - [Update] Yahoo Search API: possibility to scrape related topics - [Update] Yahoo Search API: possibility to scrape top stories - Google: - [Update] Google Search API: possibility to scrape most popular places at this address

- Google APIs: - Google Search API: - [Fix] Google Search API: Missing title in about this result in organic result - [Fix] Google Search API: Scrape website's source title - [Fix] Google Search API: Tops Sights Missing thumbnail, rating, and reviews - [Fix] Google Search API Mobile: Answer not Scraped When Three Answers Served - [Fix] Google Search API: serpapi_link is incorrect for search_information.menu_items - [Fix] Google Search API: thumbnail is not parsed for video_results on mobile - [Fix] Google Search API: duration is not parsed for video_results - [Fix] Google Search API: kgmid is not extracted in knowledge_graph - [Fix] Google Search API: search_information.menu_items incorrectly parsed for some searches - [Fix] Google Search API: Some Google Searches Contain "Malformed or Illegal Request" Error - [Fix] Google Search API: device ignored for some searches - [Fix] Google Search API: related_questions of organic_results not parsed for some mobile searches - Google Maps API: - [Fix] Google Maps API: pagination not working - Google Trends API:
- [Fix] Google Trends API: some searches have no data - [Fix] Google Trends API: no data prior to 2018 on some searches - [Fix] Google Trends API: returning empty results most of the time - Google Play API: - [Fix] Google Play API: scrape feature image thumbnail - Google Sheets API: - [Fix] Google Sheets Extension: an error is raised when domain doesn't appear in SERPAPI_RANK - Google Job API: - [Fix] Google job: returns empty - Bing API: - Bing Search API: - [Fix] Bing Search API: some searches returning empty results - Ebay API: - Ebay Search API: - [Fix] Ebay Organic Results API: upgrade parser and documentation to the latest UI - [Fix] Ebay API: scrape number of Stock Sold - Apple API: - [Fix] Apple App Store Reviews API: results served from cache when country is changed - [Fix] Apple App Store Reviews API: country parameter doesn't work when sort is set to mostrecent - SerpApi UI: - [Fix] Bug when verifying cell phone number

Projects built with SerpApi:

API Updates

[Feature] Accounts API: now has a monthly subscription cost

Public Roadmap Issue | Documentation


[Feature] Google Shopping API: now support "Stores Near You" Block

Try in the Playground | Documentation | Public Roadmap Issue


[Feature] Bing Search API: now support Coupon results

Public Roadmap Issue | Documentation | Playground


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