Real-time data for OpenAI Assistants API

Real-time data for OpenAI Assistants API


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The Assistants API by OpenAI makes creating chatbot applications easier than ever. Before this, we had to manage chat history for the users and implement Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) on our own, but all of that is already taken care of now by Assistants API.

The impressive demo at OpenAI DevDay made me think about the changes to the future UIUX. The demo is accomplished by using Assistants API.

After a few failed attempts to find the repository for Wanderlust, I tried to recreate my own Wander to satisfy my curiosity. Annotating the map is cool and I thought it would be even more useful if we could get real-time Google Maps data to show local businesses like cafes, restaurants, convenience stores etc.

Check out the Wander Github Repo if you are interested. The entire solution is built on OpenAI Assistants API and SerpApi Google Maps API. You have to sign up on the respective website for the API key. SerpApi provides free searches upon signing up.


OpenAI Assistants API is a powerful feature for building a very well-rounded chat application. Providing it with real-time data makes it even more capable.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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